208 Plan Implementation Report finalized

2017 Implementation Report

The final 2017 Implementation Report for the Cape Cod Water Quality Management Plan was released Nov. 1.

It’s part of what’s better known as the 208 Plan Update, a focused approach to improving coastal water quality in Cape Cod’s estuaries. The Implementation Report highlights the region’s progress toward water quality goals since plan certification and approval in 2015 and outlines future actions to achieve improved water quality in the region.

The report includes updated watershed reports charting progress made in 53 embayment watersheds.

Two comment letters were received during a 30-day public comment period, which closed Sept. 18. The Town of Falmouth requested corrections to watershed reports, which were incorporated. The Association to Preserve Cape Cod (APCC) requested issues related to funding be addressed in the proposed 208 consistency review process and ongoing assistance to waste treatment management agencies.

To address the suggestions related to funding, an additional criterion was added to the 208 consistency review requiring WMAs to include assessments of their towns ability to pay for proposed work. As detailed in the review guidance, such assessments need to include fiscal analyses of ability to pay, identification of potential review sources and financing schedules.

At the suggestion of APCC, the Commission intends to continue efforts to develop regional tools and approaches to assist WMAs when considering options related to financing.

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