A Message from Kristy Senatori, Acting Executive Director

I want to thank the Cape’s community leaders, the staff at the Cape Cod Commission, and the people of Cape Cod for your support and dedication to our important and unique regional planning agency. I am honored and privileged to lead a capable and committed team as Acting Executive Director.

Meeting regional housing needs and promoting growth and development in locations with adequate transportation and water quality infrastructure are priorities critical to the Cape economy.  Making the Cape less vulnerable through policies and strategies that address our evolving shoreline and impacts from coastal storms is without question a priority regional initiative.  And we must continue to seek and secure additional resources to lessen the financial burden of necessary infrastructure on our 15 Cape communities.

I look forward to building environmental and economic resiliency, strengthening community relationships, and designing regional policies and implementation plans to address our greatest challenges.

Most of all, I look forward to collaborating as a region to ensure we keep Cape Cod a special place for decades to come.

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