Barnstable County Coastal Management Committee Holds First Meeting

A new coastal resources advisory group with membership from regional government, non-profit and state agencies held its first meeting October 25.

The Barnstable County Coastal Management Committee (BCCMC) was established by the Board of Regional Commissioners to provide guidance on the protection, preservation, and use of Cape Cod’s coastal resource areas.

Chatham Lighthouse Beach
Chatham Lighthouse Beach

Among the broad areas of focus for the group are coastal resilience, fin and shellfish resources and habitats, education and outreach, dredging, regional sediment management, and marine and estuarine water quality.

The BCCMC will work to identify regional coastal priorities that meet the needs and benefit the environment and the economy. Potential collaboration between towns and partnering organizations, to take advantage of strategic and cost-effective opportunities, and possible coordination between County and municipal groups, will be investigated. The committee will also identify funding opportunities, through grants or partnerships, for coastal projects.

The BCCMC will establish subcommittees, as needed, to consider specific matters pertaining to coastal management. Subcommittees will include, but are not limited to, the Barnstable County Coastal Resources Subcommittee (presently known as the Barnstable County Coastal Resources Committee) and the Barnstable County Dredge Subcommittee. County staff will provide administrative assistance and technical expertise.

Membership includes: Kristy Senatori, Cape Cod Commission; Mike Maguire, Cape Cod  Cooperative Extension; Andrew Gottlieb, Association to Preserve Cape Cod (MassBays NEP service provider); Steve Tebo, representing Barnstable County Commissioners; James Killion, Assembly of Delegates; Rick DeVergilio, Cape Cod Conservation District; Steve McKenna, Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management; Chris Miller (Town of Brewster), representing town natural resources; Ray Jack (Town of Falmouth), representing town public works; Mark Adams, Cape Cod National Seashore; and Pat Hughes, Center for Coastal Studies.

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