Cape Cod Commission Executive Director Steps Down

2018 at the Cape Cod Commission began with the news that Executive Director, Paul Niedzwiecki, would be leaving for a new opportunity off Cape.  During his tenure, the regulatory agency evolved to become an organization focused on facilitating regional discussion on some of the most pressing issues facing Cape Cod. “The decision to leave the Commission was the most difficult professional decision I’ve ever had to make,” said Niedzwiecki.  He added, “The Cape Cod Commission understands that Regional Planning Agencies need to be regional information agencies and planners have to be problem solvers.” The Commission led the regional problem-solving effort to protect and restore Cape Cod’s estuaries and embayments under Paul’s direction.  The resulting Regional Water Quality Management Plan (the 208 plan) will save Cape Cod communities billions of dollars as they implement local plans.  On February 5, Kristy Senatori, previously Deputy Director, stepped into her new role as Acting Executive Director.

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