Newly collected Mashpee Rotary data being analyzed

The Cape Cod Commission, under a contract from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT), will conduct a transportation planning study of the Mashpee Rotary. The study seeks to identify safe and convenient alternatives within the study area for all users of the roadway system including pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists. The study area consists of the Mashpee Rotary and the approaching roadways: Route 28, Route 151, Great Neck Road North, and Great Neck Road South.
The rotary was identified by the Cape Cod Metropolitan Organization as a priority area due to congestion and safety concerns. Congestion, particularly in the summer months, is a barrier to reliable access between the towns of Falmouth and Mashpee to the mid-Cape region. The rotary is also identified as a high crash location according to the multiple MassDOT and Cape Cod Commission publications.

Also, of key concern is accommodation for all road users including motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit users.
Commission staff spent the summer collecting traffic data at the Rotary and connecting roadways. This data along with information on crashes and existing conditions are being analyzed and an outreach and engagement process is being developed. The outreach initiative will begin with series of public meetings to provide an opportunity for the community to share the challenges they face and the vision they have for the transportation network in this part of Mashpee.
In addition to state and local review, the public will have the opportunity to provide feedback of these concepts at a subsequent public meeting.

The final report is expected to be released in the fall of 2019.

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